It is now several years since the ETUI launched its scenario project "Worker Participation 2030". While the project deals with changing contexts for employee involvement and its actors in the future, the aim is not to predict the future but rather to think through the implications and characteristics of different possible futures and to seek ways of anticipating them. Select Committees of EWC and SE Works Councils which are interested in participating in the workshop can get in touch with the ETUI by 15 November 2013 at the latest.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict the future?

Unfortunately, that is not something we can teach you. What ‘Worker Participation 2030’ does provide is a roadmap of what the future might bring. Four alternative scenarios explore the long-term prospects and possible futures in which people engaged in worker participation might have to operate by the year 2030.

During the workshop, the group will explore four possible futures, jointly reflect on their implications and exchange views on strategies and priorities for today, in an international environment.

More information about the scenarios ‘Worker Participation 2030 – Four scenarios’ can be found here. :

Who is this workshop for ?

Do you feel tempted to embark with your select committee on an exploration of the future? Are you looking for a stimulating and creative way to reflect with your colleagues on long-term challenges, resulting implications and possible actions for today? Do you want to improve communication on strategic long-term issues in your EWC or your SE-WC? Then this workshop is for you! The main skill required is curiosity.


If you are interested in participating in the workshop with your Select Committee (ca. 4–6 persons) and/or have questions, please get in touch with us as soon as possible, by 15 November 2013 at the latest. You can contact us in English, German, Dutch, Spanish or French at least. Your group can also include delegates who are not members of the select committee.

Michael Stollt,, Tel. +32 (0)2 224 0498

Sascha Meinert,, Tel. +49(0)30 33987340


More information can be found in the workshop flyer.