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Seminar for EWC and SE-Works Council members

The European Worker Participation Competence Centre (EWPCC) and the Education Department of the European Trade Union Institute will be holding a training for EWC and SE-Works Council members in Vienna, Austria at the end of January 2014. This is the second in a series of seminars on the basics of EWC activities and is targeted towards EWC and SE-WC members from the UK, Austria, Lithuania, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. Further seminars in the series will be targeted towards other countries.

The aim is to bring together workers’ representatives from different companies and EU Member States to get a better understanding of the legal background, purpose and practice of European Works Councils and SE-Works Councils or SE Representatives Bodies (hereafter SE-WC). Where possible, we encourage delegations of representatives of different countries on the same EWC or SE-WC to apply to participate together. The seminar will enable the participants to exchange experiences, understand their role as employee representative in cooperation with representatives from other Member States, and consider concrete steps for the way forward.

For more information, please contact Bruno Demaître.

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