Social partners in Belgium have reached agreement on the transposition of the SE directive on 6 October 2004.

Country overview

Lionel Fulton (Labour Research Department)

There is no general right in Belgium for employees to be represented at board level in companies. Both unions and employers were involved in negotiating how the directive was to be implemented in Belgium and seem satisfied with the outcome.

There is no system of board level representation for employees in the private sector in Belgium. And in the public sector there are only a very few companies where employees are present at board-level.
Both unions and employers were fully involved in the process of implementing the directive in Belgium as the directive was transposed through a collective agreement between the two sides (see section on form of transposition). Although this involved detailed negotiations, in which clear differences emerged, there is no evidence to suggest that either side was unhappy with the outcome, or that there was substantial public interest in the negotiations.

Special negotiating body (SNB)

Standard rules under the fallback procedure

Misuse of procedures and structural change

L. Fulton (2008) Anchoring the European Company in National Law - Country Overviews (online publication, prepared for