By 1 December, the number of SEs in the European Company (SE) Database (ECDB) had reached almost 1,000: currently, the ECDB lists exactly 993 companies. Since the last News (1 September 2011), 85 new SEs have been registered. 25 European countries now host European Companies.

In the last three months, the first SEs appeared in Italy and Malta and there is an SE again in Finland. These were not “real” establishments, but transfers of seat from another EU country. Regarding the number of seat transfers compared to earlier trends, relatively many – six companies – moved their registered office from one country to another between September and December 2011. Meanwhile, only one company – in Sweden – has been transformed into a national form. In addition to the already registered companies, the ECDB currently provides information on 11 planned SEs.

Whereas Germany is home to almost half of the normal SEs, the Czech Republic has the 'highest score' with regard to the overall number of SEs. Little is known about the employee figures of the Czech SEs which means that a large proportion of them are classified in the database as UFO SEs.