As of June 2011, a total of 817 registered SE companies were listed in the European Company Database (ECDB), 66 more than at the time of the previous update (March 2011). Meanwhile, one company in the UK has been removed from the national register and two German SEs (one of them was ‘normal’) were transformed. In addition to the already registered companies, the ECDB currently provides information on 14 planned SEs.

In January and February quite a few normal SEs were registered, but only three new SEs (2 German and 1 Hungarian) were added to the category after March 2011. Five more – earlier registered – Czech SEs were also moved to the ‘normal’ category. The number of ‘normal’ companies is currently 183 (two – previously normal – companies were moved to other categories).The number of UFO companies again increased the most, largely due to the establishment and activation of shelf companies in the Czech Republic. Two new shelf producers have appeared on the market recently, so the growth will probably continue. The number of SE companies in the Czech Republic is currently 443 (59 more than three months ago).Summarising the current numbers (March 2011 figures in brackets), there are:817 (751) established SEs, of which:

  • 183 (178) normal;

  • 90 (87) empty;

  • 458 (413) UFO (including 71 Micro SEs);

  • 86 (73) shelf.