There is now a dedicated website for the Irish Presidency, which includes priorities for EU company law and corporate governance.

The website URL is:

The priorities of the future trio (Irish, Lithuanian and Greek) presidencies have been announced. Company law/corporate governance does not appear to be high on the list of priorities, however, it is announced that auditing/accounting and the European foundation will be a priority, as well as supporting the Commission Action Plan. Here are the two relevant paragraphs in the announcement:

230. The three Presidencies will aim at the adoption of the audit package (the revision of the 8th Company Law Directive on statutory audit and the Regulation on specific requirements regarding statutory audit of public-interest entities) which seeks to restore confidence in audits carried out in the EU. They will also seek to finalise the negotiations on the reform of the 4th and 7th Company Law (Accounting) Directives.

231. The three Presidencies will also make efforts to progress the negotiations on the Statute for the European Foundation (FE). In addition, the three Presidencies intend to work on the forthcoming initiatives that will be submitted by the Commission within the process of "Rethinking European Company Law" aimed at further simplification and modernisation of existing Company Law and enhancement of Corporate Governance.

The entire document can be downloaded here: