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ETUC campaign for more democracy at work

"Freedom, democracy and social justice are core values of the European Union. Democracy is important; not only on the political but also on the economic level. More Democracy at Work is part of a broader approach for a more Social Europe which is urgently needed." these are ETUC's motives to launch a campaign to press for more workplace democracy and strenghtening of existing structures.

Based on data and facts suggesting that a stronger workers’ voice is associated with lower executive pay, stronger economic performance for companies and better employment levels the ETUC wants to put More Democracy at Work at the centre of the debate. This is particularly relevant on the eve of elections to European Parliament in May 2019 as well as in context of anti-democratic tendencies observed across the entire of EU.

On top of general support for more democracy the ETUC's campaign rests firmly anchored in practical demands: "We want workers’ representatives to be informed and consulted, to have meaningful and timely discussions with management at all relevant levels and to be actively involved in the decision-making process of their companies or organisations before any important decisions are made!"

More information and brochure to download on: https://www.etuc.org/en/issue/more-democracy-work

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