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"EWCs fit for change" - a new publication by the Austrian GPA union

EWC Fit for Change

The EU-funded project “EWC Fit for Change”, led by the Austrian trade union GPA, drew upon the expertise of an international network of EWC experts and trainers (including from the ETUI)  in order to develop materials to support  European Works Councils in managing restructuring in corporate groups. The materials were developed and tested in three seminars with EWC members from several European countries and different sectors.

These materials include a manual on transnational restructuring, in which the legal, political, strategic contexts are explained in order to better understand the dynamics of company restructuring and the opportunities available to EWCs to exert influence or get robust information.  A number of very useful practical checklists are also included. There is also a guide to establishing an EWC and a set of advanced training modules for EWCs.

The website of the project is available here in German and English and materials produced as a result of the project , available in German, English, French and Slovak can be downloaded here.

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