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There is no existing employee board-level representation in Lithuania and the transposition of the directive evoked little interest.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Lithuania (Final update: June 2005)

On 12 May, the Lithuanian Parliament adopted the transposition law on workers' involvement in European Companies (SE). The law came into effect from 28 May 2005. The transposition of the SE Regulation and of the SE Directive took separate paths. The Ministry of the Economy, which is usually responsible for issues of company law, was designated to prepare the necessary legal acts for transposition of the SE Regulation, while the Ministry of Social Security and Labour was made responsible for transposition of the SE Directive on workers’ involvement. Preparation of the necessary national legislation was not coordinated and the two acts do not seem connected.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Lithuania (Update: March 2005)

The draft Law on Employee Involvement in European Companies was prepared by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour in October 2004. Due to some disagreements with the Ministry of Finance regarding the rules on the financing of SNBs and European Works Councils, as well as the reimbursement of travel and living costs, the Ministry of Social Security and Labour was able to present the draft to the Tripartite Council only after a delay of several months. After the Tripartite Council reached agreement on the draft on 25 January, the Government approved it on 9 March and sent it to the Parliament (Seimas) for final adoption. The Law is likely to be adopted before June.

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Transposition of the SE legislation in Lithuania (Report: June 2004)

The Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (Seimas) adopted the Law on SEs on 29 April 2004. This law concerns the Regulation on the SE Statute. The separate Law on employee involvement (Transposition law) will be adopted for the purpose of transposing Directive 2001/86/EC. The Ministry of Social Security and Labour has not presented a draft of the transposition law to the Government. Such a draft will appear in September 2004. Supposedly the Transposition law will be adopted without any significant social partner involvement. So far, the social partners have not been involved in the working group on the drafting of the transposition law. The Tripartite Council that, according to the relevant Government Regulation, must discuss draft labour legislation will not meet until November. However, the social partners are not particularly concerned by this state of affairs since in their view the Transposition law does not really affect their activities. The Ministry of Social Security and Labour intends to have the legislation in force by 8 October 2004.

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Translated transposition laws 

The full text of the transposition laws and (for most countries) unofficial translations into English can be downloaded from the EU Commission website


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