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Board-level Representation

Board-level employee representation in companies no longer exists in Malta.

The Maltese companies’ legislation provides for both private limited companies (Ltd) and public limited companies (plc), whose shares can be publicly traded. In neither case is there a legal requirement for board-level employee representation.


In the past there were employee directors on the boards of some state-owned or recently privatised companies. These have now all gone. The disappearance of employee directors was a consequence of policy decisions by the Nationalist Party (PN) government, in office from 1998 to 2013. Employee directors were either lost when companies were privatised or simply removed from state-owned companies.[1] The statutory provision for the last worker director, at the energy company Enemalta, was finally removed in 2014, when the bulk of the activities of the Enemalta Corporation were transferred to Enemalta plc.[2]


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