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Financial Participation

With the demise of the former Yugoslavia the special role of a single large trade union under the control of the Communist Party also ended. Today it is usual at companies in Croatia that employees are represented by a number of trade unions. These trade unions show little interest in promoting or calling for financial participation schemes.

There are four large trade union federations in Croatia today and a multitude of smaller associations and trade unions. The proportion of employees who are active trade union members is between 20% and 50%. In the course of privatisation the trade unions did not put much emphasis on staking a claim for workers’ financial participation in companies. There are no collective agreements that provide for profit-sharing or employee share ownership schemes. Only in the course of the third privatisation phase in the early 2000s did some trade unions and trade union leaders back employee share ownership schemes as an option for the privatisation of state property. Financial participation schemes are neither rejected nor advocated by the large trade unions today1 .

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