Against the background of profound structural change and great uncertainty in the financial sector, the scenario workshop investigated on long-term perspectives for employment and labour relations in the European finance sector over the next 20 years. The workshop brought together 25 employee representatives, shop stewards and trade union officials in the financial sector from different companies and countries.

PX204334The financial sector undergoes major structural transformation, not only with regard to the legislative regulation and changing “business models”, but also in respect of employment. For example, alone in the banking sector 250,000 jobs were lost in the EU-27 between 2008 and 2010, resulting in a decrease of employment by 6% (Eurofound: 2011).

Starting point for the “future exploration” were the Worker Participation 2030 Scenarios about changing contexts in which worker participation structures and actors might have to operate in the future. During the workshop, participants explored the four alternative futures, jointly reflected on their implications and exchange views on strategies and priorities for today.


Michael Stollt

ETUI Researcher