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About this website


Since the beginning of the European integration process there has been a clear commitment to provide employees in Europe with the right to be involved in company decision-making. From the 1970s this has led to the adoption of a number of European directives supplementing and enhancing national worker participation rights. Not least with the adoption of the European Works Council Directive, the European Company (SE) Directive and the Framework Directive on information and consultation the relevance of the European legislation has significantly increased.

With more and more companies operating Europe-wide (or even globally) the transnational level of employee interest representation is becoming more and more important. This requires that company management, employee representatives and their trade unions deal increasingly with cross-border questions of worker participation on different levels.

This website seeks to meet the increasing need for accurate and easily accessible information by giving its users access to what is happening at European level in the field of employees' rights to information, consultation and board-level representation (participation).

Information available on worker-participation.eu includes:

  • European Works Councils (EWC)
  • European Company (SE)/European Cooperative Society (SCE)
  • Information, Consultation & Participation Framework
  • Corporate Governance & EU Company Law
  • EU Social Dialogue
  • EU-27 National Industrial Relations

The website also provides you with information on the EU-27 industrial relations backgrounds, which differ significantly from one Member State to another. The website is intended to contribute to a better mutual understanding by offering basic information on all EU Member States in respect of trade unions, collective bargaining, workplace representation, health and safety, board-level representation and the selection procedures for EU-level bodies (European Works Councils, SE Works Councils). With the ‘Compare countries’ tool it is possible to quickly compare countries with regard to one or more of these topics.

worker-participation.eu is designed as a European information platform. It is primarily addressed to national and European practitioners of worker participation and their trade unions, but also to an interested public, political institutions and academia.


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