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Employees’ councils, representative trade unions and groups of at least 50 employees have the right to propose candidates for SNB elections. All employees then elect representatives by secret ballot. Document Sweden

Joint texts

The “commerce” sectoral social dialogue has resulted, since 1988, in the adoption of 26 joint texts.

General overview of sector

“Contract catering” refers to situations where a company or authority outsources its catering services to a specialist firm.

Participants and challenges

Companies in the contract catering sector project a brand image focusing on their “social” and local role – providing services for authorities, schools, the elderly, etc. – but this image masks the presence of what are mostly huge multinational corporations: Sodexo, Compass, Aramark and others.


The contract catering social partners adopted 11 joint texts between 1998 and 2010. The bulk of them (7 out of 11) reflect their points of view and joint opinions on European Union economic and sectoral policies. But reciprocal commitments make an appearance too.

Election by the trade union which has signed the collective agreement with the controlling undertaking; if there are several such unions they must negotiate an agreement to organise the election; in the absence of agreement, the most representative union makes the appointment. Document UK
Elected by employees unless there is an existing “consultative committee”. In most cases this consultative committee will not exist