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Chosen by local trade union bodies provided they represent two-thirds of employees and the unions agree. Document Poland
Chosen by the local union. If there are several unions they should agree on the members and where they cannot agree there is an election based on union lists. If there is no union the members are elected by the workforce in a secret ballot. Document Portugal
Appointment by joint agreement between, in order, the elected bodies and trade unions, between the elected bodies if no trade unions are represented in the undertaking or establishment, between the trade unions representing at least two thirds of the workers, or between the trade unions representing at least 5% of the workers; failing agreement, if no representatives are appointed, if there is no elected body or trade union, or if at least one third of the workers so request, the SNB members are directly elected by secret ballot, on the basis of lists presented by at least 100 or 10% of workers. Document Romania
Romanian members of European bodies linked with European Works Councils and the European Company are chosen by the existing employee representatives, who, in the vast majority of cases, will be the trade union representatives at company level. Document Slovak Republic
Appointed by employee representatives. These can be the local union body or the works council. In most cases they will be the union body Document Slovenia
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