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3 new infographics on workers' rights

The ETUI's 'Workers' Participation' Unit has just finalised three new infographics presenting workers rights in general and specifically in (transnational) restructuring scenarios.

The three infographics present the following information:

1. 'Palette of workers' rights' provides information on 37 EU directives providing the workers with rights to information and consultation in various areas. It aims to emphasise that workers' have information and consultation rights in both generally as well as in specific circumstances and should choose which rights to use depending on the scenario at hand.

2. 'Getting through a merger' is an infographic presenting a step by step information on what action to take at which level (EWC, ETUF, national, local) and at which stage of a (transnational) company merger.

3. 'Workers' rights in restructuring' providing information regarding which rights are available to which actors when companies undergo restructuring.

These materials are intended for practitioners, experts and trainers when working with or explaining the intricacies of EU frameworks for restructuring and workers' rights.

If you are interested in translating the inforgraphics or need them in higher resolution please contact the authors: Romuald Jagodziński (rjagodzinski@etui.org) and/or Aline HOffmann (ahoffmann@etui.org)

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