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Corporate Governance and Company Law News

Topics: Corporate Governance Forum, Directive on the cross-border transfer of registered seat (14th company law directive), Shareholders’ rights directive, Simplification initiative, European Private Company (EPC), Volkswagengesetz before the ECJ

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History of the European Company statute (ECS)

The table provides an overview of the more than 40-year-long history of the European Company. This delay was caused by a deadlock in the Council of Ministers where unanimity was required. Resistance arose also on the question of board-level representation of employees. Objections were raised by "both sides": While countries with strong systems of board-level representation (like Germany or Austria) feared a weakening of their national systems, countries with rather weak - or even non-existent - board-level representation (like the UK and Spain) were afraid of importing something that is unknown to their industrial relations systems.

Directive on the exercise of shareholders' voting rights (Directive 2007/36/EC)

In 2007 a directive on shareholder rights (2007/36/EC) was adopted. The main function of the directive is to define minimum rights for shareholders in listed companies across the EU. This directive is one measure in the follow-up to the Commission Action Plan on modernising company law and enhancing corporate governance in the European Union.

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Countries / Transposition

In transposing Directive 2001/86/EC, EU member states were granted quite a number of choices. This section looks at the ways in which the SE Directive has been transposed in the different EEA member states and provide information on key aspects, such as the selection of the national representatives on the special negotiating body and the standard rules. The Comparison Tool enables you to make individualised comparisons between countries and criteria.