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EWC court cases (jurisprudence)

In 2008 the Workers' Participation Unit of the ETUI started researching and collecting EWC-related court cases and included this collection into the existing database of European Works Councils ( The jurisprudence database grown since and currently contains a collection of more than 70 various court cases and numerous articles. All of them are linked to EWCs registered in the EWC database and searchable via an efficient search engine.

This section features information related to the EWC and SE-related jurisprudence.

For all questions or suggestions in this regard please contact Romek Jagodziński, Senior Researcher, ETUI.

We welcome any tips or information about the relevant court judgements/cases (please contact R. Jagodziński).

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Paths to Progress - Mapping innovation on information, consultation and participation for employee involvement in corporate governance

Expert contributions to the "Path to progress" project which was run between 2005 and 2006. Under this project, an "innovation expert group" composed of academics and other experts were asked to generate new ideas on the new trends which could improve the management of information, consultation and participation of employees in Europe in the context of the development and competitiveness strategies of the most prominent industrial sectors, and on the need to deal with company restructuring, mergers, take-overs and relocations. The summaries of the contributions have been translated in a number of languages, including Polish and Czech.

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Towards a European labour identity - The case of the EWC

Comparative in perspective and based on empirical research, this book brings a collection of contributions and insights on how employee representative from different European countries perform their jobs as members of the European Works Councils. Exploring attempts to develop some sense of a common European labour identity, the authors examine not only the workings of the EWCs, utilizing individual case studies, but also analyze and asses the link with the broader discussions on European identity as well as European trade union co-ordination and solidarity.

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What makes SEs attractive from a tax perspective? Are there any tax planning aspects?

What taxation issues are to be considered when forming an SE?

What are the taxation issues when running an SE?

What are the taxation issues when transferring the seat of an SE?

How far could the introduction of the SE increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of European economies?

European Works Councils Database

The ETUI's EWC database contains the texts of agreements that have established European Works Councils, as well as agreements negotiated by EWCs on specific topics. It also presents information on multinational companies falling within the scope of the EWC Directive. The database has been widely used as a reference source by assorted EU and national institutions as well as research and academic centres. The database contains 3000 documents and well over 1000 EWC agreements in various language versions. Click here to visit the EWC Database!