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European Company (SE) / European Cooperative Society (SCE)

European Company (SE)

European Cooperative Society (SCE)

Will there be new negotiations in the case of structural changes?

Trade Unions

Just under a third of employees in Ireland are union members. There is only one union confederation, the ICTU, but individual unions, in particular the larger ones, have considerable power and influence.

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What is a merger within the meaning of the directive? (Art. 2 II)

Workplace Representation

There is no statutory system for permanent employee representation in Ireland. Those who work in unionised workplaces – about half the total – have representation though the union. New procedures have been introduced as a result of the EU directive on information and consultation, but they may not make much difference.

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European-level Representation

With no universal statutory structure of employee representation, Irish members on European bodies are normally elected by the workforce as a whole in a special ballot. However, the situation is different for some of the structures of the European Company.

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European Company Law Directives

What kinds of merger are covered by the Directive? (Art. 1)

What forms of company are covered by the Directive? (Art. 2 I)