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Quotes democracy at work

Benchmarking Working Europe 2019 is out now + Chapter on 'Democracy at work' with infographics

Benchmarking Working Europe, the annual stock-take of European economic, labour market and social affairs has just been published today by the European Trade Union Institute.

This year’s report calls for action to stimulate investment, as well as reforms to fiscal rules to allow policy to play a more active role in stabilising economies and securing sustainable growth. Above all, inequality and insecurity must be tackled through reversing deregulation and reviving collective bargaining. Benchmarking also flags up the longer term challenges of the four ‘megatrends’ of climate and demographic change, digitalisation and globalisation.

Of particular relevance in the current political cycle is the question of democracy at work and its impact on other spheres of democracy at large, economy and company performance. Chapter 4 of the Benchmarking report brings together interesting data from various areas to show that workplace democracy is linked with increased participation in democractic life, more equal societies, higher wages and better work-life balance, to name only a few.

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3 new infographics on workers' rights

The ETUI's 'Workers' Participation' Unit has just finalised three new infographics presenting workers rights in general and specifically in (transnational) restructuring scenarios.

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EWC Training rights across Europe

EWC Training provision in national legislation transposing the recast EWC directive (2009/38/EC)