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Chosen by the existing employee representation, which should be elected where there are 50 or more employees. Document Lithuania
Appointed by employee representatives. These are local unions or (only if there is no union) works councils. Where there are no existing employee representatives, the employees elect SNB representatives. Document Luxembourg
Appointed by central employee delegation or if none exists the main employee delegations. If there are blue and white collar employee delegations, the regular member is chosen by the body representing the majority of employees, with the replacement chosen by the other. Document Malta
Elected by secret ballot of all Maltese employees. Document Netherlands
Election by the highest-level council: group council, central council, works council; if not all the works councils are represented in these other councils, the appointment must be made jointly by the councils that are not represented and the group council; if some of the workers are not represented on the works council, they must be consulted on the choice of SNB members; in the absence of a works council, election by the employees. Document Norway