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Frequent Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions on the European Company (SE) and the question of worker involvement within the SE.

What is a European Company (SE)?

What does SE mean?

From when on is it possible to set up an SE?

How can a European Company (SE) be established?

What are the (expected) advantages of setting up a European Company?

What is the relation between the Regulation on the European Company Statute (ECS) and the Directive on employee involvement in the SE?

Did the new EU member states have to adopt this new legislation as well?

What is understood by “involvement of employees”?

What does the procedure look like?

What is the special negotiating body (SNB)?

Who sits on the special negotiating body (SNB)?

What is the “representative body” (RB)?

How long do negotiations on employee involvement take?

What can be the result of the negotiations?

What is the content of an agreement under Article 4 Dir?

When are the standard rules applied?

What is the content of the standard rules?

What are the decision-taking majorities within the special negotiating body (SNB)?

Who pays the costs of the special negotiating body (SNB) and the representative body (RB)?

What is the relation to the European Works Council Directive?

What happens to national information, consultation and (board-level) participation rights?

Is there a risk of losing existing participation rights? Can the SE be misused to avoid participation rights?

Will there be new negotiations in the case of structural changes?