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Board-level Representation

Employees have a right to a third of the seats on the supervisory board of companies in the private sector with more than 50 employees, provided some other conditions are met, and to half the seats in state-owned companies.

Slovak legislation provides for the representation of employees at supervisory board level in both state-owned and private companies. (The Slovak system provides for a supervisory board to oversee the management board, which runs the company on a day-to-day basis.)

In state companies, irrespective of size, employees have the right to half the seats on the supervisory board, although not the chair. The employee members are elected by and from among the employees. Where there is a trade union in the company, it has the right to appoint one of its members as one of the employee board-level representatives.

In the private sector, the right for employees to be represented on the board depends on the size of the company and its legal status. Only public limited companies with shares and a capital of €25,000 or more, and more than 50 full-time employees are obliged to have employee representation at supervisory board level. In these circumstances employees have a right to elect one third of the members of the supervisory board. Companies can also voluntarily reduce the employment threshold below 50 and/or increase the proportion of employee representatives elected from a third to up to a half. The employee representatives are elected by all employees and are nominated by the union or by 10% of employees.

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