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Financial Participation

Financial employee participation is not an important subject for Lithuanian trade unions at the moment. Other issues, like improving working conditions and higher wages, have a higher priority.


The Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (Lietuvos profesinių sąjungų konfederacija, LPSK), the Lithuanian Trade Union ‘Solidarumas’ (Lietuvos profesinė sąjunga ‘Solidarumas’) and the Lithuanian Labour Federation (Lietuvos darbo federacija, LDF) – the main three trade union associations in Lithuania – are aiming at higher wages and better working conditions for their members. Financial employee participation is not an important issue on their agenda.1

On the employer side, neither the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (Lietuvos pramonininkų konfederacija, LPK), nor the Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation (Lietuvos verslo darbdavių konfederacija, LVDK) – the two most important employers’ associations – have an official position on the issue of employee financial participation. however, the industrial confederation LPK ‘supports initiatives of individual enterprises’.

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