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Diverse test issues

Document Comparing national procedures for appointing SNB and EWC members
Document Comparison table test

Copypaste withn footnotes (test 26.04.2011)

Trade union density is relatively low at around 15% and membership is divided between a large number of organisations. There are two large confederations, NSZZ Solidarność and OPZZ, and one somewhat smaller one, FZZ. However, a significant number of union members are in small local unions not affiliated to any of the main confederations.

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Financial participation in Europe: overview of similarities, differences and trends

The distribution and significance of employee financial participation in Europe are at first glance no more uniform and structured than in the case of codetermination. Analysis shows examples and cases of good practice concerning financial participation in all European countries, even if the political and economic preconditions vary between strong legal foundations for the active promotion of financial participation (as in France and the UK) on the one hand, and rather poor recognition of such practices at enterprise level by the social partners, on the other.

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