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GOODCORP Research Network on Corporate Governance

GoodCorp is a network of researchers and trade unionists concerned with corporate governance issues. It was established in 2005 by the ETUI and has a threefold mission.

The first aspect of its mission is to exchange information and opinions on current issues on the European corporate governance agenda; the second is to provide expert advice to trade unions and policymakers on corporate governance issues; the third is to support conceptual work developing alternative concepts of the company and corporate governance in the interests of workers and society as a whole. In 2007 GOODCORP was joined by members of the Path to Progress expert group, which was coordinated by the late Brian Bercusson in cooperation with the Social Development Agency (SDA).

In 2011 the ETUI published a book co-edited by Sigurt Vitols and Norbert Kluge, which contained contributions by members of the GOODCORP network. Entitled 'The Sustainable Company: an alternative approach to corporate governance', the book draws on both traditional ‘stakeholder’ models of the firm and newer concerns with sustainability. The main elements of the Sustainable Company and the institutions needed to support it are presented. Key themes in the book are the need for worker ‘voice’ in corporate governance and for a binding legislative framework to promote sustainability. Individual chapters deal with the issues of worker involvement, employee shareholding, sustainability-oriented remuneration, international framework agreements, NGO-trade union relationships, reforming financial regulation and carbon taxes and emissions-trading schemes.

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Currently the GOODCORP network is working on two follow-up publications. The first one is provisionally entitled 'European company law and the Sustainable Company: a stakeholder approach', and the second one is on the topic of Responsible Investing and the Sustainable Company.