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Leaflet EWPCC (in several languages)

Leaflet EWPCC (EN) EN-ewpcc-A4_v12.pdf 366.80 kB

Leaflet EWPCC (French) FR_ewpcc-A4_v07.pdf 387.48 kB

Leaflet EWPCC (German) DE_A4_v09.pdf 397.10 kB

Leaflet EWPCC (Danish) danish_Leaflet2_EWPCC_DS_v03.pdf 376.14 kB

ETUC resolution

ETUC resolution (EN) pdf_Remuneration_EN_Resolution.pdf 55.50 kB

Annex of ETUC resolution (EN) pdf_Remuneration_EN_Resolution_Annex.pdf 111.58 kB

Résolution de la CES (FR) pdf_Remuneration_FR_Resolution.pdf 42.83 kB

Annexe de la résolution de la CES (FR) pdf_Remuneration_FR_Resolution_Annexe.pdf 112.00 kB

EGB Entschließung (DE) pdf_Remuneration_DE_Resolution.pdf 50.55 kB

Annex der EGB Entschließung (DE) pdf_Remuneration_DE_Resolution_Annexe.pdf 129.02 kB

Topics the EWPCC works on

Topics and researchers within the EWPCC

ETUI's resources for workers' participation

Reasearch networks for workers' participation